Review of The Best TAC Glasses with Polarized Lenses

Lily Cosgrove
5 min readAug 6, 2020

If you’re looking for the best TAC polarized glasses for anti-glare purposes, search for no more because this review helps you find what’s befitting your specific needs.

(1) Torege (TR002) Polarized Sports Sunglasses with 3 Interchangeable Lenses

Torege Tac Sunglasses

It looks cool and stylish. Even when you interchange the lenses, the grey lenses are still amazing. It’s the elegant frame design that makes it seem like though Ray-Ban or Gucci designed it. Well, maybe it was.

The sunglasses are rich in colors such that the Torege brand offers more than 20 different colors to choose from. This shows the versatility and confidence Torege (TR002) has.

The sunglasses come with two extra lenses for interchangeability, which you can replace as per your needs. Its default lenses are the colored ones, suitable for sporty occasions, which is also the polarized version. The other two lenses are perfect for anti-glare situations.

The yellow lenses are meant to resist headlight glares at Night, as the grey ones are anti-glares for sunrays during a sunny day.

Despite their different usability, the three Torege sunglass lenses have one thing in common: they are protected against UV rays. All three lenses have been designed with a 100 percent UV protection coating.

The Torege TAC sunglasses (TR002) come with a hard case, two extra lenses, linen clothing, and a lanyard (neck strap). Although the manufacturers don’t mention it, these polarized sunglasses have an extra nose pad.

From several Torege tac glasses reviews, most users had positive feedback. When they wore it, the fit felt good. The glasses are snug, but don’t feel like giving you a headache. The Torege is not too tight or too slack. They fit flush enough against the face, and the rubber at the back provides enough grip.


- The glasses look swanky and stylish

- They offer 20 different colors to choose from

- It comes with an extra nose pad (It can’t be stressed enough how important this is)

- There’s a 30-day money-back policy, so there’s nothing to lose. If you’re looking for Torege tac glasses where to buy, get the Torege TAC Polarized Glasses

- Although not mentioned in the descriptions, the glasses come with a neck strap (or the lanyard)


- They can’t be worn over prescription glasses.

(2) RIVBOS (RB831) Polarized Sports Sunglasses Driving Shades

Rivbos Tac Sunglasses

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Notable Features

The very first thing you’ll notice is its “polarized” effect, which happens like Boom! Without the glasses, you can see glaring reflections off the dashboard, bouncing back at you, making things difficult to see.

However, as soon as you put the glasses on, the cloudy reflections are immediately gone.

The Rivbos RB831 sports glasses also offer protection from UV rays. Thereby, you don’t have to worry about skin cancer. The unique feature of these glasses is that you don’t get the yellowish shades. Rather, it is more bluish, which gives your view of the same effect.

The RIVBOS sunglasses are great in restoring color as it eliminates reflections, thus protecting your eyes from cataracts (diagnosed blurry vision due to glares).

When it comes to durability, you’re getting more than what you’ve paid for. The Rivbos polarized sunglasses are what you need, thanks to its frames, which are made of the flexible TR90 material. This is a thermoplastic and ultra-light materials that resist breakage.

When checking out reviews on tac glasses, the RIVBOS (RB831) sunglasses seems to feel snug and sits comfortably on the face. It provides enough coverage that keeps the sun away from the eyes.

Also, the arms have a unique spring design, which is meant for both comfort and security. Its package comes with hard and portable cases, wiping cloths, and a strap.


- Has bluish shading, which is clearer than the yellowish that’s common with most sunglasses

- Feels snug and offers enough space to protect from sun rays

- Protects you from cataracts, which is diagnosed blurry vision

- The frame is made of flexible TR90 material


- The sunglasses aren’t interchangeable; hence you’re stuck with only one choice.

(3) Night Driving TAC Glasses Anti-Glare & Polarized Sunglasses

Okay, if an ophthalmologist suggests using the Night Driving TAC Glasses, you know it’s effective. If you have trouble dealing with glaring headlights from oncoming cars, then it’s best to try these tac glasses.

Night driving sunglasses

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The Night TAC glasses have specifically been designed to protect you from nighttime glares.

Unlike the likes of Torege TR002 sunglasses, this Night Driving glasses have yellow lenses, which are for night vision. This also means that it won’t be of much help blocking sun rays during the day. But that’s precisely the manufacturers intended.

It is lightweight and feels comfortable on the nose. The nose pads are not only stylish but also feel very comfy and snugly. You’ll appreciate that the Night Driving TAC glasses offer UV400 protection, thus the best glasses for sporting events. These are also suitable for work and fishing.


- It is polarized to help you drive safely during the Night due to its anti-glaring effects

- The Night Driving Tac Glasses are very light despite its metal frames

- The metallic frames guarantee durability

- Its nose pads are soft and stylish at the same time

- The sunglasses are flexible and adjustable to provide you with the perfect fit

- As expected, the glasses protect you against UV rays


- It doesn’t come with a lanyard (straps)

- No option of daylight anti-glare


From the aforementioned best TAC glasses reviews, it is with the hope that you’ve already picked what’s perfect for your needs.

With different features and pricing costs, it is dilemmatic settling on one specific polarized glasses. Some glasses come with interchangeable lenses, while others have stylish designs. Some are all about durability; hence their frames are made of tough materials.

Since they are different, you ought to be aware of what you specifically need. Therefore, it is with the confidence you’ve found what’s satisfactory to your desires.