Egg-Tastic Ceramic Microwave Egg Cooker Review

Lily Cosgrove
5 min readAug 6, 2020


As the name goes, it’s a fantastic cooker. And it works as advertised. The ads claim the egg-tastic ceramic bowl can cook some of the fluffiest, flavored eggs. Does it live up to its hype? Well, read on and find out.

Better yet, if this eggtastic review seems like a TLDR, you can add the Egg-Tastic Cooker to your cart and give it a try. It’s affordable and goes for less than 15 bucks.

Eggtastic egg cooker

Right off the bat, the Eggtastic is a cute, little ceramic dish (or port), and looks very easy to use. Its white color is strikingly eye-catchy, with a yellow rubberized bottom. This is, without a doubt, an amazing product to make scrambled eggs with, at the fastest speed ever.

You only need like two minutes to complete everything — from beating the eggs, whisking, and then microwaving it. The egg-tastic bowl is perfect for morning breakfast, and you’re late for work or classes. Okay, Let’s have a look at what’s in store for us. What makes this amazing egg-tastic effective?

Hassle-Free and Very Convenient

Like I’ve mentioned above, the Egg-Tastic is perfect for anyone looking to make quick and hastily made scrambled eggs. You can also make poached eggs with it; however, the scrambled ones came out much better than the poached eggs. Still, nothing makes eggs faster than the Egg-Tastic Ceramic Cooker.

Depending on the type of microwave you’ve got (check the yellow manual), there is a maximum of time of 2 minutes to cook up to four eggs. It means that you only need about a minute to cook that fluffy egg. However, some egg tastic reviews noted that cooking the eggs took longer, which depends on the type of microwave you’re using.

Perfect For Work and On-The-Go

The Egg-Tastic isn’t weighty as the pan you’d have used to cook eggs with. It doesn’t matter where you are; you can use this ceramic pot to make poached eggs on-the-go. For instance, you can make a quick omelet at your workplace. As long as you’ve access to a microwave, you good to go.

Flexible, And Allows For Additional Flavors

You can become creative with it and cook some ham and cheese, or throw in some tortilla. Other than the maximum use of four (4) eggs, you can fill it with other ingredients to make the scrambled eggs fluffier and well-textured.

You can try a few eggtastic recipes, some of which are great. For instance, you can add a dash of thick milk before whisking, which helps improve the eggs’ fluffiness.

Comes with a Fill-line

Unlike most microwave egg cookers out there, the Egg-Tastic has a fill-line to avoid spillage. This enables you to avoid any instances of overfilling, which can be tragic to your microwave. At first, I didn’t notice the fill-line until I saw some comments from egg-tastic reviews. Therefore, take note of that.

Also, please do not use too much “extras” because you don’t want a scenario where you lose your well-cooked scrambled eggs. Remember that when you’ve decided to use other extra and creative flavors, limit yourself to less than three eggs.

Exclusive Vented Lid

I love that the lid has a rubberized handle knob, enabling you to open it when hot. The Egg-Tastic Ceramic cooker also has a small vent to keep hot air in the stove while maintaining the eggs’ heat balance. The term “exclusive” means that the Egg-Tastic has the feature as a unique and patented idea. It works perfectly to keep your eggs well-fluffed.


- It’s effortless to use, thanks to its simple and easy to understand instructions located on the box that comes with it

- The Egg-Tastic cooker allows for creativity where you can add things like ham, cheese, or anything like that

- The lid has a small vent to make the eggs dry thoroughly and thus cook perfectly

- You don’t have to worry about dirty dishes and messy frying pans

- The Egg-Tastic ceramic cooker offers even and balanced heating of the scrambled eggs


- Doesn’t have a handle, which makes holding the ceramic pot a tricky endeavor

Redeemable Downsides & Room For Improvement

You can’t compare the poached eggs with that made on a pan. But the scrambled eggs are just as delicious. Although the adverts claim the ceramic pot to be nonstick, it isn’t. I thought mine had an issue, but after reading a few egg tastic reviews, I realized I wasn’t alone.

The pot’s stickiness is made worse because the top is the bottom is slightly larger than the top, which means you have a lot of effort to clean it up. Luckily, for three bucks, you can add the Crisco Professional Oil Spray to your cart as you buy the Egg-Tastic Ceramic Cooker.

Eggtastic Tips & Tricks

  • Before placing it inside the microwave, make sure you’ve read and removed the warning sticker located at the top of the lid. Then peel it off. Do Not place it inside the microwave with the sticker
  • Secondly, make sure the microwave’s original turntable is available. This is because the Egg-Tastic Cooker is never used where the turntable has been removed or damaged.
  • Check out your microwave’s wattage, which will most probably be inside the unit. This helps you determine the cooking time you’re going to need for the number of eggs you’ll use.
  • Do Not lose the eggtastic instructions (yellow card) that comes with the Egg-Tastic ceramic cooker. I noticed that eggs at the bottom are mostly uncooked and wet, especially when you cook more eggs. It’s advisable to set the microwave on intervals of 20 seconds as you rearrange the egg.

Final Thoughts

We all value our time, and nothing helps you save those lost minutes during your work break than the Egg-Tastic Ceramic Cooker. The pot (or bowl) comes with lots of features to make sure your scrambled eggs are perfectly cooked. And it goes for real cheap.