Crest 3D Professional Effects Teeth Whitening Strips Review

Lily Cosgrove
5 min readAug 6, 2020

If you’re worried about yellow teeth, perhaps due to taking too much coffee, the Crest 3D teeth whitening strips come in handy. Lots of teeth whitening products are chosen, but nothing is as useful as the Crest 3D strips. They are easy to use and leave your teeth sparkling white.

In a sense, the Crest 3D is a professionally recommended product, and it is hit with most folks, especially if you’re looking to save yourself the burden of visiting a dentist. It is such an amazing DIY product, and it doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

crest teeth whitening kit

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Let’s have a look at some features why Crest 3D is such an effective product.

Very Easy to Apply and Use

Before a friend suggested the Crest 3D strips, I tried out other teeth whitening products such as whitening gel and pastes. None of them was as satisfactory as the Crest 3D strips.

That is, the gels and pastes are not very fun to keep in your mouth. They don’t whiten your teeth evenly, and they leave yellow patches. I wasn’t impressed. Luckily, after checking out a 3d crest white strips luxe review, I realized I didn’t have to worry about gel spilling out.

When it comes to applying it, there are two strips, one for top and the other for the bottom. First of all, take the bottom one and press it to the bottom of your teeth. Align it with your gumline as you fold it over to the inside to finish the seal. You then do the same for the top. You’ll be putting on the strips for one hour a day for 20 days.

Comes with Advanced Seal Technology

This is meant to keep the strips intact throughout the one hour you’ll be wearing it. Like I mentioned earlier, the Crest 3D strips are great when it comes to keeping the whitening chemicals within the strip.

The technology also helps keep the strips from barging on your teeth and moving throughout use. I was impressed by the fact that these babies don’t barge at all, and even asked myself why I hadn’t gotten these strips early.

So Undetectable and Convenient

You’ll love the fact that you can use the Crest 3D whitening strips even while you’re at work or in school. The strips are transparent and attach amazingly on your teeth.

From various crest 3d white strips vivid reviews, they are very undetectable! I went to work with them on, and none of the workmates noticed the strips. At first, it felt weird, and I talked differently, but after the third use, I was comfortable with the strips in my mouth. These Crest 3D strips are truly amazing and very useful.

Still, you have to understand that the strips are also made of chemical gels that melt out with time. This slips out after a few minutes of applying it. But this only happens in the 50th minute or so. You get to work or do your own thing while having the strips attached to your teeth.

It Tastes Great And Subtle

When it comes to teeth whitening gels, pastes, and strips, the last thing you want is something that tastes gross. No one wants a weird feeling in their mouth.

I know taste shouldn’t be an issue. I understand that you should focus more on the whitening effect. However, if a product’s flavor is welcoming and doesn’t make you feel weird, then it’s apparent that you’ll go with it. And that’s what the Crest 3D is offering.

The taste is subtle and feels like coconut water (not coconut milk). It won’t bother you at all.


  • The Crest 3D strips are offering some extreme whitening effects. And I give them a super-duper A+ in that department
  • It does slip at all. They don’t move at all when you’re talking
  • The whitening strips are undetectable and very convenient to use even at work or in school
  • Putting the strips on is easy-peasy and takes seconds
  • You don’t have to worry about your teeth barging out, thanks to its advanced seal technology


  • Various users from crest 3d white strips review complain of teeth sensitivity as a side effect. This is normal. There is a solution in MI Paste (GC Mousse 40g Tube). You can use it right after stripping out the Crest 3D.

Tips & Commonly Asked Questions

a) How Often Should I Use The Crest 3D Teeth Whitening Strips?

Since you’ll be looking to make your teeth whiter, you can use it as frequently as possible. You should probably use it for the first 10 to 15 days before you decide to use it intermittently. Just make sure your teeth are evenly white at first

b) Should I Be Worried Of Sensitivity?

Like any other teeth whitening product, the Crest 3D comes with experiences of tooth sensitivity. But that’s normal, and the level of sensitivity differs from one person to another.

If it’s susceptible, make sure you use it every other day. For instance, if you use it on Monday, use it again on Wednesday, and so forth. Most importantly, though, you can retrain such an issue with an anti-sensitivity toothpaste like the MI Paste, which works great.

c) Can The Crest 3D Get Rid of Coffee Stains?

Of course, it does. The crest 3d whitening strips are meant for exactly that reason — to get rid of the yellow stains caused by using coffee.

Final Thoughts

I had to recommend this to my family and colleagues at work. I’ve had some positive Crest 3D white strip reviews and feedbacks. I am extremely impressed by the Crest 3D Teeth Whitening Strips. Not only did they whiten my teeth a lot, but they were also evenly whitened.

You won’t experience any of the yellow patchiness as witnessed by other whitening products. You’ll notice the difference in your whitening after just three days. I was even tempted to stop using the strips with seven more days to go.

My teeth were already super white after just ten days. But I had to continue using it to maintain the whiteness. You can buy the Crest 3D teeth whitening on Amazon at a fair price.