Bell + Howell TAC VISOR for Day and Night, Anti-Glare Car Visor

Lily Cosgrove
3 min readAug 6, 2020

If you’re tired of squinting your eyes whenever you drive at night due to glares from the opposite car, then the Bell and Howell Tac Visor comes in handy. It doesn’t just protect you from night glares, but also daytime sunlight glares.

Your car’s visor is helpful, but this Anti-Glare Tac Visor is something you need to invest in. It comes with a filtering technology that improves your optical clarity while driving. That is, while your car’s visor might help block sunlight glares, the Bell + Howell TAC Visor is a better option because it lets you see through.

After reading lots of Bell & Howell tac visor reviews, we decided to look at the visor. Let’s have a look at its amazing features.

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Amazing Features

1) Day and Night Panes

When unboxed, the visor looked cheap and seemed like it would break in a second. But we were wrong. The visor is truly military-inspired, just as claimed by the manufacturer.

It comes with two panes, for both night and day anti-glare. The nighttime anti-glare is the yellow pane, as the daylight pane works efficiently to guarantee you’ve got a clear look at your surrounding whenever you’re driving. This way, you are never distracted by glaring beams from other cars.

The visor is very easy to install, and there aren’t many instructions needed. All you have to do is clip it attached to your car’s visor.

2) Shatterproof and Durable

You have to understand that the Bell and Howell Tac Visor has been designed to withstand heat and shatter. It means that the visor not only protects you from glares but also offers some level of cooling. The best thing, though, is the fact that the visor stays intact and doesn’t warp. It also doesn’t lose its color.

The only downside about its design is that it doesn’t protect your eye’s peripheral vision. We wish that the Tac Visor was curved on its sides so that it also covers the peripheral vision. This way, you don’t have to keep moving the visor.

3) Protects Against Sunrays from All Sides

Since it attaches to the car’s visor, you can move it to provide anti-glare from the sides. Also, its size is enough to protect you from glares coming straight at you. It measures 11.75 by 5.25 inches, which fits onto most car visors.

The anti-glare visor works pretty effectively. It compares with regular sunglasses, and so it feels like a pair of sunglasses that you don’t have to wear. The Bell and Howell visors are great if you’re bespectacled, especially those who don’t want to change their spectacles every time they are driving.


- Its design is universal and fits all car visors

- Fixing the Bell + Howell Car Visor is easy-peasy

- The visor is durable because it’s made of shatterproof materials

- The nighttime option is yellow in color, which is an ease to the eyes


- You’ll have to worry about fingerprints, which may affect your visual clarity

- Isn’t great with short folks

A Few Tips

You have to install it from the front backward because it might make reflections if installed wrongly. The reflections are distracting, which isn’t good

You can test its polarized feature using the lens tester card, which comes with the Tac Visor. Also, you might see some slight reflections even blocking the glares. It’s a tradeoff though, more reflection and no glare, or the other way round.

The Tac Visor panes affect the mirror of your car’s original visor. Once you’ve installed the visor, it becomes a little bit difficult to open the mirror. But then, it depends on your car, and how the visor’s mirror is aligned up.

Final Thoughts

We know there are not-so-good Bell & Howell tac visor reviews, which is understandable. Although it comes with some downsides, the bell and Howell visor is useful, especially with the daytime option. The TAC visor comes in handy if you still want to see where you’re going.