Bell and Howell TAC GLASSES Polarized Sports Sunglasses Review

Lily Cosgrove
4 min readAug 6, 2020

We had been searching for sunglasses for the summer season. As expected, we looked everywhere for the best option but didn’t find one until we stumbled upon the Bell + Howell Tac Sunglasses. We were so impressed that we had to jot down a review of the military-inspired sports sunglasses.

Polarized Tac Sunglasses

Notable Features

Let’s have a look at features that make this sunglass unique.

1) Amazing Design

Now, right off the bat, the sunglasses are fantastic looking and are very cool. When we unboxed it, we could not wait to wear it and see what the fuss is all about it. All kinds of folks and Bell and Howell Tac sunglass review articles have been nothing but full of praises.

Well, the box is lightweight and straightforward. There is a cloth, a cloth case, and TAC sunglasses. We gave it a try by taking a walk on a sunny day.

You can also use it when driving during the summer. It is such a great alternative to the Bell + Howell TAC Visor, which works as the sunglass to block glares. Anyways, when wearing it, you will love its design because it fits perfectly. The TAC sunglass is not significant, nor is it small. However, some folks might find it either too tight or a little bit loose. For most people, it fits just right and feels comfortable.

2) Effective in Blocking Glares

The glasses work as advertised. It has incredible clarity. You don’t have to worry about glares or images taking a wholly different and darker color. These sunglasses aren’t the typical glasses you’re used to wearing.

The Bell + Howell sunglasses boast that they are polarized and can protect you from harmful UV rays. At the same time, the TAC glasses help block glares from harsh sunlight during the day and prevent glares from bright headlights when driving at night.

3) The TAC Sunglass Improves Visibility

The glasses are effective in improving your visibility against various reflective surfaces such as asphalt-covered roads. We know that you’ll appreciate the fact that the Bell and Howell sunglass feature a light-filtering capability.

It seems the manufacturers burned the midnight oil to make sure the sunglass offers the best visibility possible. The light-filtering feature provides visual clarity under low lighting conditions, which sharpens the colors and edges of objects.

4) Astounding and Durable Frames

Although the Bell + Howell sunglasses are made of plastic frames, they are instrumental and seem like they can last many years without breaking. The structures feel like they have been over-molded with some sturdy material. It just looks durable.

The frames are black, complementing the color of the lenses, which are kind of yellowish plus bluish. The framework extends to a nose piece, which is equally tough and very comfortable. This makes the sunglasses worth wearing for long hours. Unlike most sunglasses, the nose piece feels comfy and restful to the nose. This is a massive plus for the glasses.

Unfortunately, some Bell + Howell Tac sunglasses reviews seem to be against the nose piece, whereby some reviewers feel like it’s uncomfortable. However, that is their opinion. We loved it, and it feels really comfy. You have to try it out.


- It is fairly cheap. Considering its amazing features, you are getting more than what you paid for

- The anti-glare polarization works pretty well. You can look directly into the sun and come out okay without hurting your eyes

- The Bell + Howell sunglasses come with the light-filtering capability to provide clear vision, especially when protecting your eyes from reflective materials like asphalt-covered roads

- You don’t have to worry about UV rays, because this protects you from sun rays

- You’ll appreciate its design, which isn’t only stylish but also over-molded with a tough material to guarantee durability


- For some folks, the frame feels uncomfortable, perhaps because of the plastic material. But it was remarkably comfortable for us, and its nose piece did fit perfectly

- If you’re bespectacled, it will not fit over your glasses. But you can always go with an equally effective alternative, the Fit Over Polarized Lens Sunglasses.

A Few Tips You Have to Take Note

a) The sunglasses are perfect when you’re driving on a sunny day, and you don’t want to keep squinting your eyes from the sun’s glares

b) You can wear it with a nice hat, which makes it even more stylish hence improving your fashion sense of style

c) The TAC sunglasses work perfectly at night when you need to block glares from bright headlights from other cars

d) Various Bell and Howell tac glasses reviews offer the best UV protection and boast of light-filters that provide clarity both at night and during sunny days

Final Thoughts

One thing for sure is that the designers and manufacturers at Bell and Howell did their best to come up with beneficial TAC sunglasses.

Although the glasses seem like any other sunglasses out there, you’re getting more than what you paid for. This is mainly because the glasses feature some unique features, like the light-filtering capability, which guarantees clarity at all times.

Unlike other sunglasses, this one is stylish and makes you look cool, especially when you wear them with a beautiful black hat. You will not be disappointed when you buy the Bell + Howell TAC Polarized sunglasses. It doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg!